Born in Rome,  Dario started his career as an editor, working with internationally renowned film directors, to then move on to directing himself, ranging from music videos and commercials to documentaries and, eventually, feature films. His first movie “Pablo”, innovative and unique in its kind, was pleasantly welcome and was in competition at The Montreal Festival, Los Angeles AFI American Film Institute Festival  and several others, where it received positive response from both audience and  press, including Variety and The New York Times.  In the United States, he also worked on some Universal pictures advertising campaigns, then in England, he worked as a director for Universal Music, BBC, Channel 4 and Turner, again ranging from advertising to movies.  Dario carried on several projects, including the rockumentary “Dallaltrapartedellaluna”,  special event at the 64th Venice Film Festival, or “Grandfather Mountain”, in competition in many festivals including  Rome,  London, Big Apple, Sundance, and was a winner at  RIFF,  Salerno, Napoli and a couple of others . And more ads music videos for Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Sony, Universal, Emi and other companies. He was also invited by Artmbassy gallery to present some of his experimental visual works in Berlin and New York. In early 2010 Dario wrote and directed the movie "Gli Anni Verdi”, a very successful indie project . He also directed Italian box office hit “Faccio un salto all'Avana”, for Medusa Cinema, and a prime time series for Mediaset. Lately, directed “There's always a reason”, the first european-chinese coproduction, massively released in China. Then he directed for a prime tv series “Sirens" and produced, directed, writed  and edited  “La Leggenda di Bob Wind", just released and selected in London Bafta Film Festival and Santander film festival. Currently Dario has completed principal photography for a pilot, near to be produced as complete series and is developing in Uk a mini drama series. Also he’s still shooting ads and music videos and he’s in preproduction of his next  feature film, to be shot in 2019.



" 8Volante"

In preparation

On set on 2019


" Posto ergo Sum"


"La Leggenda di Bob Wind "

London Film festival, Santander film festival.

 "MoonBus "

In development


"C’è sempre un perchè" (There is always a reason)
with M.Grazia Cucinotta and Huang Hai Bo
Production Ciwen Film (China), Seven Dreams, Stars (Italy)
Distribution by Ciwen Film China in Cina

"Faccio un salto all’Avana" (I jump in Havana)
with Enrico Brignano and Francesco Pannofino
Production RodeoDrive, Medusa Film

"Gli anni verdi" (The green years)
with Enrico Brignano, Roberto Herliztka, Dario Vergassola and the students of Brignano’s school "ARTES"
Production Torcida - Artifex - Ruvido Produzioni

"Narciso, dietro i cannoni, davanti ai muli" (Granfather mountain)
Feature film with Roberto Herlitzka
Production Nervous Pixels
Winner of the 62nd International Film Festival of Salerno
Winner of the Film Festival of Ravello
Winner of the 2009 RIFF Awards
Winner of mountain movie award, Trento.

"Dall’altra parte della luna" (On the other side of the moon)
Rockumentary about Negramaro
Production Palomar, Dodicidicembre
Shown at the 65th Venice Film Festival
As “Horizons” section special event

"Zero-Inchiesta sull’ 11 Settembre" (Zero – Inquiry about 9/11)
Documentary with Dario FO, Lella Costa,Moni Ovadia

"Pablo, lifes of a poet"
Feature film about Pablo Neruda’s life
Production Torcida
Distribution Neuezeitfilm
Partecipating several international festivals as the Montreal Film Festival - AFI Los Angeles Film Festival



Keep Calm and Joboundu

8 episodes uk tv Series


Parla con Noi

8 episodes Series


Sirene - B-Unit DirectorPrime time RAi tv Series

Cross Productions

Fiat Lux live streaming
Production Vulcan inc./ Ops


"Benvenuti a Tavola" (Welcome at the table)
straring Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Giorgio Tirabassi
16 episodes serial for Mediaset prime time
Production Taodue-Wildside

"Crimini2" (Crimes2), Episode Neve Sporca (Dirty Snow)
2nd unit director
Production RodeoDrive-Rai

"Crimini2" (Crimes2), Episode Little Dream
2nd unit director
Production RodeoDrive-Rai

"The Culture Show"
Weekly culture show
BBC Uk Production BBC

“10 anni in 10 giorni” (10 years in 10 days)
Production Magnolia
Fox Tv

“Studio universal” several live action promos Universal Network
Production Frame by Frame

“Cinecinemas Sky”
Production Frame by Frame


Clients  include: Havas, Campari, NBC Universal, Young & Rubicam, Chepharo Pharma, Trenitalia, Filmmaster, The Space Cinemas, Procter & Gamble, Saatchi & Saatchi, Turner Broadcasting, Salmoiraghi e Viganò, Johnson & Johnson, Rai ,Pepsi, Nissan, Thomson ,Discovery Channel, RedBee, Hsbc, Evian, Pfizer, Merck Sharp & Dome, Armando Testa, Bnp Paribas


Labels and artist include:
Sony, Emi, Sugar, Universal, Negramaro, Jovanotti, Allie Waters, Le mani, Vera, Lm, B.Fleischmann, David Garret


8Volante/Feature Film - The conscience of Leo/Feature Film - Moonbus/Feature Film
The Monsters / Feature Film
Vince - Storia di Vincenzo Cantatore (Vince – Life of Vincenzo Cantatore)/Two episode serial
Il Futuro è Nostro (The future is ours)/Feature Film
L’onore (The Honor)/Feature Film
Marxelo/Feature Film
Narciso,dietro i cannoni, davanti ai muli (Narciso, behind the cannons, in front of mules)/Feature Film
La musica dell’anima (Music of the soul)/Feature Film
Una notte per caso (a night-by-case)/Feature Film
Frozen Mescalina/Feature Film
Cenere (Ash)/Feature Film
Pablo/Feature Film
I Ragazzi di Città (The city boys) /Feature Film
The box/Short Movie
Click/Short Movie


Creative Director and teacher  at “Accademia 09” school of “Acting and Directing”

Teacher at Italian Down People Association of “Film” course

Cinema teacher for Cee.


Narciso,dietro i cannoni, davanti ai muli


62° Festival internazionale del Cinema di Salerno

Festival del Cinema di Ravello

RIFF Awards 2009

Film Festival di Napoli 2009

L’ Immenso

Winner: Premio Videoclip Italiano 2007

Cade la pioggia

Winner: Premio Cinecittà Videoclip 2008